domenica 21 luglio 2013

Essere forensic accountant

Leonard McCarthy, Vice President for Integrity presso la Banca Mondiale, tra gli Acknowledgements a corollario del bilancio annuale 2011 ha scritto:

"As we were putting together this fiscal year’s report, INT (Integrity) had the grave misfortune to lose our dear friend and dedicated colleague, Christian Kammer, in a mountain climbing accident. Christian joined INT ten years ago and had, for many, become synonymous with the department. Many of INT’s most notable successes have been a direct result of Christian’s unwavering focus, phenomenal work ethic, and forensic auditing expertise.

One of the outcomes highlighted in this report is a forensic auditing training program that Christian prepared and delivered to auditors, prosecutors, and anti-corruption officials. The training Christian provided allowed him to be at his best, drawing from his in-depth knowledge as a Senior Forensic Accountant and combining it with his natural ability to connect with people from anywhere in the world. Those he trained had an overwhelmingly positive response to their experience, and from the feedback I received, he was able to convey not only knowledge, but also instill a sense of confidence in those executing their duties. As Christian well knew, anti-corruption work is not for the faint of heart.

Christian was an equally committed athlete who ran marathons when he was too far from a mountain worth climbing. I see so many meaningful parallels between the passion Christian had for mountain climbing and his devotion to INT’s mission, and I hope that all of us who have chosen to fight corruption will continue to be inspired by him. He will be greatly missed, but he has left a lasting legacy.


Leonard McCarthy"

Giusto oggi a due anni esatti dalla prematura scomparsa di Christian, questo blog, nato per portare avanti i suoi insegnamenti e promuovere la professione del forensic accountant, ha superato i 31.000 accessi e i 100 articoli pubblicati.